K-Jump is a user-friendly results application that helps organizers manage ski jumping and Nordic combined competitions at national, regional, and club levels. It can be run on standard devices found in most households, making it accessible and convenient to use. No specialized equipment is required for basic competitions.

K-Jump runs on Windows (7-11). Style marks can be entered using tablets and smartphones (iOS, Android and Windows).

A standard router can be used for communication between devices and the server-PC. An internet connection is not required, as everything can run on a local network.

Ski jumping competitions can be created manually using the program. K-Jump also has the ability to import XML files from SportsAdmin/MinIdrett containing information about the competition and athletes. So far this is only possible for Norwegian users. If desired, the system can be updated to handle other types of files. Please contact us if this is of interest.


  • Live results
  • Competition types
    • Ski Jumping
    • Nordic Combined
    • Team competitions
  • PDF lists and reports - more info
  • K-Jump Judge App
  • Custom number of judges: (0-1-3-5)
  • Customization of rounds
    • Qualification
    • Next round athlete limit
  • Gate compensation
  • Speed measurement
  • Languages
    • English
    • Norwegian
  • Additional solutions - contact us
    • Video distance measurement
    • Wind compensation